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There is a lot to keep track of on a job site - project progress, the location of the equipment, the volume of materials left - and an aerial view makes it all a lot easier to manage.
Starting with precision maps, DRONE 9JA offers numerous services and solutions by applying our expertise and experience in the civil engineering industry. We are able to offer the best solutions, tailored to your specific needs.


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Precision Land Surveys

High Resolution 2D Orthomosaics

We deliver aerial mapping and land surveys providing topographic data as well as high-resolution aerial photography. We offer complete visual information and topographic data required to improve decision-making, while reducing costs, saving time and improving safety. Large areas can be surveyed up to 50 times faster than traditional methods.

Site Progression & Quantity Surveys

Invaluable Updates

- Audit supplies/equipment
- Keep client and 3rd parties up to date
- Monitor construction progress

Stockpile Calculation

Volumetric Measurements

Volumetric measurements, extraction volume of quarry

Yet another example of the many ways that our services can help innovate and give your company/projects the necessary advantage. Rather than spending large amounts on surveys for ground-based laser measurement, we can fly our drones over your stockyard, mine or construction site and quickly and easily make a volume calculation. Accuracy is not sacrificed, as we are able to provide volume measurements within 1 - 2% of professional survey readings.

Structural Inspections

Roof Inspection

Bridge Inspection

Power-line Inspection

DRONE 9JA safely provides reliable inspections, delivering HD digital photograph and high-quality video of challenging areas and places such as roofs, bridges, power-lines and the likes.

Carrying out routine aerial camera inspections and assessments prevent major damage before it happens by detecting problems in advance. They also reduce cost and the risk arising from traditional inspections of hard to access areas.

3D Models and Mapping

Terrain Models & 3D Maps

At DRONE 9JA we offer this service to clients at a very reasonable rate. We understand that this type of information is invaluable for those who need to project a 2D or 3D object onto a display surface through spatial mapping.

Get in touch if you would like to try this service or keep browsing our website to find out more of what is available.

Road Mapping

Highway to the Future

With our UAV equipment we are able to provide you with the following information for any road construction or road rehabilitation project:

  • Lane markings

  • Pavement condition

  • Vegetation encroachment

  • General state of the roads

  • Contacts us for more


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