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Feeding The World

With the help of drone technology, DRONE 9JA offers much more ecological solutions for farming and agriculture, as drones do not generate any unhealthy pollutants and can also accomplish tasks at a more competitive cost than traditional methods.

Using drone technology for agriculture is as revolutionary and industry changing as the invention of the tractor when it first got introduced to the world of agriculture. 

Besides making new data available that is vital to precision farming, the undeniable benefits (faster, cheaper, safer and environmentally friendlier) of implementing aerial systems into agriculture will forever change the way of farming and help improve overall farm production.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services and details on how best to implement our innovative services into your farming business.

Crop Management

Crop Management

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Crop Spraying

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Livestock Monitoring

Digital Agriculture

Digital agriculture brought about by drones is part of the next stage in industrialisation of agriculture. This data-rich approach enables us to reveal details invisible to the naked eye, for example by making subtle differences in temperature visual with the help of thermal equipment or generating accurate NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) maps. Allowing a detailed visualisation that helps detect plant diseases in advance - even during night hours - or help estimate fruit yields at a never before available precision and efficiency.


The drones we use for spraying (fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides) are very effective/efficient and can cover an area of 1 hectare in under 15 minutes. Furthermore this method is not hazardous to health when spraying.
In addition, our UAVs can be equipped with a spreader for fish-farming, shrimp-farming or any aqua-culture (distribution of feed, antibiotics and many more).

Our agricultural solutions are tailor-made to accommodate the needs of the client, hence we encourage a one on one discussion with our clients. The first consultancy of 45 minutes is free of charge.

Eye in The Sky

The advantage of Livestock Monitoring with UAVs is that they can cover large areas, provide both exact GPS location as well as visual information.
Our drones can be equipped with multiple camera types and sensors including thermal imaging, in order to provide accurate and complete information, thereby lowering stock control time and cost, including collecting data from active transponders embedded in livestock.

Services Offered

On the Agricultural Menu

DRONE 9JA offers numerous services for the agriculture sector, utilising the latest technology available. Through this approach we enable our clients to be more efficient and precise when it comes to decision making and is a welcoming change to having to walk through an entire farm and making a decisions based on intuition.

The following are excerpts of our services.


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