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DRONE 9JA - Flying High

This is a short infomercial that highlights our various areas of operation. 
All images, maps and clips were captured and processed/edited by us.



"Above All"

Welcome to the world of high quality aerial data capturing and processing. 

At DRONE 9JA we use the latest and most advanced technology available for drones (unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV systems) to enhance, assist or take charge of your projects.

DRONE 9JA is one of the leading drone companies in Nigeria and the only one offering drone technology to various sectors such as agriculture, construction, real estate, tourism and the oil & gas industry.

Welcome to the future.

The Future is now

Using the latest technology available, our equipment is operated by internationally trained and certified engineers, aviation pilots and media professionals.

Our equipment is as versatile as our trained and highly skilled team. Added to that, all of our drones are registered at Austro Control and internationally insured, in the unlikely event of an accident, to the tune of EUR 3,000,000.00.

In this fast paced and ever growing sector of UAVs and aerial robotics, acquiring a drone is easy - though for professional use in particular sectors it is not only about owning an aerial robot, but the skill is to master the controls and aircraft in a safe manner and moreover evaluate/process the captured data in a useful manner - our expertise and attention to details give us the edge over many other companies.

Services Offered

Not only do we capture aerial data (be it images, GPS based pictures, videos, ground control points, thermal images etc.) but we process, edit and/or evaluate them at the highest standard of each industry.

Our two decade long experience in the sectors of aviation, civil engineering, multimedia, education, tourism&events and marketing has made us the leaders in the services we offer - but above all, it is our clients that profit from our proficiency and unique approach to each project!

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Feeding The World


Building The Future


Perfect for Everyone


Naturally Beautiful

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Image Videos and Pictures for your Business

Lagos Island Aerial Drone 9JA

What You Need

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For a Safer Future



Lagos, Nigeria

Tel.:        +234 701 1969 4 52



Tirol, Austria

Tel.:        +43 52 42 6 23 52

Fax:        +43 52 42 7 23 10

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